Mature Singles Summit Committee

Below are the bios of the committee members. Churches and groups interested in participating may reach out to committee members.


You can't go wrong with hanging out with this dynamic, multi-talented woman of excellence who was born to nurture people to excel. Omolola Omoteso-Famuyiwa, an educator, mentor, counsellor, relationship coach, radio presenter, television presenter & producer, publisher, motivational speaker and an event organiser, is the host of DC. She recently got married, but vowed to continue championing this cause, which is focused on building joyful homes that can impact our world. Her motivation is the many lives that have been connected to purpose and partner since the inception of DC. You definitely get value for your time as she guides the Talk Show through her wealth of experience. Asked one thing she'd love to do if she had a miracle wand; "I'd ensure every real woman divinely connects with a real man so children can have positive role models. With great role models our future can be shaped to heal our land." How profound! Omolola pulls all the parts together in addition to interacting with DC coordinators and counsellors, pastors and ministers of partnering churches, ministers, counsellees , contractors and members.


Enivie Esene is the Vice Chair for the 2014 DC HOMES. Enivie is a stickler for perfection. She is passionate about God, proactive, hardworking, kind and generous. A never-say-impossible optimist; she is happier when her life please God and people give their lives to Jesus. She serves in the protocol and pastoral hospitality department in her church. Enivie is a member of Friends For Life (FFL). Her first degree was obtained in Microbiology and she has written several professional exams in accounting courses. Salvation means a lot to her, as such she honor's God with her life, staying in peace, trusting  His timing.She says, "I am who I am by God's grace. All things hold, because Jesus is the Centre!" She handles the day-to-day running of the committee including scheduling online meetings (based on consultation with the host), interactions (via email or Facebook), administration of committee page on Facebook and keeping the house updated. She will schedule 3 face-to-face meetings in May/June to take place at RCCG Olive Tree, RCCG Throne of Grace and RCCG The Covenant House. A fourth meeting may be scheduled as a lunch or dinner meeting before or after the event for the committee members. She encourages all committee members to stay on task and is responsible for bringing others on board. She will give the welcome speech at the event. 


Oluwafunmilayo Shopeju, a relationship model 
for many aspiring for sexual chastity and purpose centered relationships, holds a degree in Industrial Relations & Personal Management (HR). A vessel of honour and a masterpiece uniquely fashioned by GOD, she believes that "A faithful man and a prayerful woman will make a beautiful marriage beyond how a handsome guy and a pretty girl will make a beautiful wedding". She is engineered for success and endowed with the seeds of greatness. She grew up with a caring heart that led her to care for children during which she discovered her passion. She is presently coordinating the Single Sisters Fellowship in her church. Oluwafunmilayo works as a Legal Secretary. As the Hospitality Executive, Olufunmi will be in charge of catering and would interact with contractors (e.g. caterers, cake maker etc). He will work with the church taking care of feeding (OT) to decide meal to be served, when to serve etc. and give direction for the serving of food and/or snack. He will ensure the packs for ministers are prepared on time and handed over to the Protocol Executive at the appropriate time. 


Gbemisola Adeniji is a young single Christian entrepreneur who encourages and inspires younger ones in line with their career and Christian growth. She loves children and imbibes the Word of God in them in various ways. Gbemisola who works as a travel consultant is the MD of Appu Travels Limited. She is a selfless person who sees that the needs of those around her are met according to God’s riches and leading. She is God fearing and puts Christ first in all that she does. She holds firmly to the belief that sex should be saved for marriage and that females should be involved with God while single. This Esther of our time is friendly, hardworking and easy going. As Executive Secretary, Gbemi takes notes during meetings and sends minutes to all committee members. She is responsible for drafting press release (the first should be 16th of May, the second 7th of June and the last on the 15th of June). A report of the entire event should be submitted by the 22nd of June. 


Adenike Alabi is a God fearing person who has a passion for motivating other young people to bring out the best in them. She is an insightful teacher of God's word and a member of the national mass choir of The Redeemed Christian Church of God. She is an observer with a creative mind; she loves meeting people of great potential. Adenike obtained a National Diploma (ND) from Grace Polytechnic. She is currently studying as an international student.  Her optimistic nature is contagious; she never gives up and has an appetite for learning about home management. She is a busy bee who enjoys reading and traveling. Her goal in life is to make heaven and to take as many as possible with her. As the Executive Assistant, she assists the host with correspondence and other duties as assigned. She will be responsible for suggesting and following up with new partners, sponsors, supporters and guest ministers. 


Elvis Okosun hail from Edo State but works as an Administrator with the Lagos Free Trade Zone Company. He is a writer, preacher of the gospel and a motivational speaker. As the Programme Executive, he’ll be in charge of drama and other presentations we approve for the event.  He will ensure there is smooth transition from one activity to the other. To work with OTP, liaise with Premo and Esene, to confirm when to view rehearsal.


Oladipo Oloyede is an enthusiastic, self-motivated individual who always strives to achieve a very high standard in everything I do. As a Christian I have a passion for souls and a desire to see young people become more intimate with JESUS and serve HIM with their youth. As an entrepreneur, I run a company called Medline Scientific Nigeria Ltd, which specialises in the sale of scientific and industrial equipment to various industries. As Business Executive, Oladipo will be in charge of sale of tickets and resources e.g. books, newsletter and payment and registration of those who wish to join as full-fledged members of DC or take red carpet pictures (digital or print). Those who intend to display their wares at the event will register with a fee (N2000) and liaise with the BE to ensure they have tables/booths. The BE will be assisted by the Ad-Hoc Committee Member.


Olalekan Olorunkunle is a encapsulated with passion for youth empowerment for dream realisation. He is a Chartered Accountant, drama minister and counsellor. His Passion for restoration of high moral standard amongst singles led him to form a group known as “Pen Drivers” (Driving the Youth and Singles via Print) whose commission is to arm the youths with information thereby positioning them for positive impact in their generation. He has been a member of several committees for youths and singles seminar, symposium, reality show, etc. Olalekan holds the view that everyone is destined for greatness therefore the essence of our living should be to fulfill destiny. As Logistics Executive, he will ensure registration runs smoothly during the DC HOMES by leading the registration/ushering team. He will also be in charge of offering and ensure it is collected, collated, recorded and banked. He will coordinate the ushers (TOG singles) and what they will wear. 


Olubukola Lawal is passionate about the things of God. She makes herself available in any cause that would promote the work of God and improve lives. She works with an IT company. She has her background in Industrial Relations & Personnel Management. Her strength is in Human Resources, Quality Assurance & Customer Relationship Management. As an entrepreneur, she consults for banks in the area of Customer Service Audit (Mystery Shopping). She fondly calls herself God's Delight and believes that every human being can live a godly and descent life. She serves as an usher in RCCG Covenant House Parish. 
As Floor Manager she will work with the logistic officer, serve as timekeeper (along with the Programme Executive) for the event and ensure that the agenda runs smoothly. She will also liaise with the praise team (TCH singles group or church choir). She will be responsible for coordinating the decoration of the hall (wine and gold). She will also ensure that the technical people and required church staff are on hand for the event. 


Premoboere Olobio is a God fearing lady who loves to make out time for the work of God by helping in the children church as a teacher. She is a member of the Friends for Life ministry created by her pastor, Prof. Yemi Osinbajo, to win souls for Christ through evangelising and empowering individuals to live a better life. She is passionate about this calling which has transformed many. Premo loves travelling, reading and socialising with friend and family at her leisure. She is a lawyer and works in the legal department of a bank. For her, salvation means committing totally to Jesus Christ. As the Event Executive, she will work with all executive members to coordinate guest list, promote the event online  (social networks) and via friends in corporate settings. She will champion the drive for sponsorship. She will coordinate bus drivers where churches donate this for HOMES' use.


Emmanuel Adeyemi, a lover of God – the most excellent specialist who can handle anything that comes man’s way in as much as one can establish that personal relationship with Him through Christ Jesus. He is a calm and reserved individual who is not fascinated by too much talks. He believes that his value doesn’t diminish based on someone’s inability to see his worth and when someone says “no” to him he doesn’t mean he can’t do it, it simply mean it could be done without such person. He is a Formality Administrator for Intellectual Property in Lagos. He is Associate Membership of the Nigerian Institute of Management. He says, "While living the life given to you by God the Most High, remember it can only be done once here on earth, life is not a rehearsal!" As the Media Executive, Adeyemi (the newest committee member)  will capture the essence of the event through organising and directing those to do the red carpet. He will take care of photography and video recording. The TOG or TCH technical crew may be brought in to assist or coordinate members of TOG singles group to participate in this capacity. He will also do other assignments as specified by the DC Host.


Blessing Mene is a Civil Servant working with the National Open University of Nigeria. She is also a Market and Social Research professional. She is a member of the National Youth Representative Council of the Redeemed Christian Church of God. She is an optimist and believes that the youth of this generation can set the pace in leadership and relationship for posterity. Blessing serves as the PE. She will attend to all ministers during the programme and lead them to their seats and the podium. Give special packs, lead them to and fro waiting room and ensure they are escorted when leaving. She will communicate with supporting ministers who would be on hand to counsel those who wish to have one on one interaction after the event. She will draw up a list of ministers to invite (senior pastors and ministers in charge of singles group in partner churches ) suggest items to be packed as takeaway for ministers and committee members. 

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